kumalmatagalog vto calm down

Kumalma is a Filipina founded company that hand pours wood wick soy candles in small batches.

Growing up in a traditional Filipino household kumalma had a negative connotation. "KUMALMA KA!" meaning you really need to calm down. When does telling one to calm down actually calm them down? Rarely. So we're taking that back and trying to own that meaning into literally calming down.

We crossed our fingers and launched on November 18, 2020 and hoped that what we worked so hard to put together would resonate with others. Here we are 14 months later and have been blessed with so many awesome customers that have easily turned into friends.

Kumalma has turned into a community that we never could've imagined. So many stories (good, bad, and heartbreaking) have been shared over our candles. Our candles are meant to be a reminder that you are not alone, even during your darkest days.

Thank you for being here and allowing us to be a part of your life.